George Saunders on WBEZ

I’ve never read anything George Saunders has written, but I caught this interview in the car and was struck by how true his advice to writers was for me:

“…I think a lot of the magic of writing and the work of writing is through repetition, and it’s through accessing the subconscious which is truly a mysterious beast…Our instinct is to want to control that intellectually, to decide what kind of writers we want to be, decide what our themes are and so on, and my experience has been that that’s gotta be dropped, and you have to enter in to the story through the door of language and then just sort of have fun and exert your taste over and over and over and slowly all the questions get answered that way…I had a period where I was kind of like ‘Kerouac or Hemingway?’ ‘Funny or not?’ What was interesting was you can’t decide, your talent such as it is decides for you.”

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