Notes to a young poet


Hey!  Check out my contribution to H_ngm_n’s new series “Notes to a young poet.”

It goes like this:

Notes to a Young Poet

Sincerity is the best route. Write a poem about your grandma. Write a poem about your first love, the first moment you were sure you were alive.  Write about Jesus, if you want to—just so long as you mean it. Write on your lunch break. If someone asks you what you’re doing, tell them it’s your lunch break. They can’t take that away from you. Legally, I mean, they have to let you eat. Don’t get all shaken up by those kids who write all day and night, who never run out of lattes or time. Be you. Be cool. Be bad ass. Say what you mean but say it nicely. Don’t write poems when you’re angry. Or do, but calm them down later. Trust me on this one. Be gentle. But be amazing. Look in the mirror at least once or twice a day. Tell yourself you’re gold. Be fearless but think about it. Do I have to say choose your words wisely? No, probably not. Not with you, anyway.

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