Things I Wish I Had Written: THIS BOOK!



I am so excited that this collection of poems is finally in the world! Why?

Because A) I’ve been working on it forever and finally get to share it with people; B) Brianna White made me the most beautiful cover I could have imagined for it; C) Ben Hamper (who wrote Rivethead!!), Arielle Greenberg (who is amazing!!), and Frank Montesonti (who’s a genius and put up with me when I was the worst poet ever!!) all wrote incredibly nice blurbs for me.

Go here and read a poem, check out the book, see what better writers than I said about it, and BUY IT NOW!!

Oh that was convincing enough? Then check out these poems that are also in the book (These poems are great, trust me):

“What I Know about Men,” New Orleans Review (March 2014)

“If We Toast to the New World” and “The Twenty-Four Hour Grocery Store” and “The Twenty-Four Hour Grocery Store, Part II” and “The Twenty-Four Hour Grocery Store, Part III,” Seven Corners (January 2014)

“Mack Street, 1992, and “Bad Cards,” Ghost Ocean Magazine (Fall 2013)

“Where We Are,” Spittoon (June 2013)

The Landing,” Booth (August 2012)

“The Hole,” Conte (January 2012)

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