Buick City

(Mayapple Press)

front-medium-Sarah-carson-buick-city2“Sarah Carson has an imaginative gift for transporting us within the nuances & netherworld of her hometown. I can’t imagine are more dead-eye illumination of the region—told with incredible wit.” — Ben Hamper

“Each narrative swells to fill every small shred of real estate afforded it on the page…the author reminds us she wrote this love letter “just cause some things aren’t ever really as bad as they seem.” In Sarah Carson’s hands, this is not a feel-good platitude: it’s a pragmatic anthem of hope. – Penny Guisinger, Rain Taxi

Poems in which You Die

(BatCat Press)

…Sarah Carson’s Poems in Which You Die is a collection of 48 prose poems describing a breakup. But Carson doesn’t simply provide the reader with the easy balm of a Phil Collins song, say; instead she raises the stakes by casting the relationship alternately as a plane crash, an act of terror, an interrogation, a bank job, and so many other wonderful variations on doomed love… – Carlo Matos, Arsenic Lobster


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